Jambo (Hello)! I’m Mili, founder of House of Kanzi.

I was born and raised in Kenya and have always been aware of the talent and craftsmanship of local artisans. I guess my journey of discovery really began with my mother. As a child, I watched her meticulously hand-pick artefacts from local markets for our family home in Kenya. Each piece my mum had picked was unique in its own right, but more importantly, each had a story to tell. Over time, I began to collect my own pieces, bringing a piece of home with me wherever I travelled.

Wanting to connect back to my home country and share my love for Africa and hand crafted products, I created House of Kanzi. In doing so, I hope to not only offer beautiful, unique products, but to also create opportunities for African artisans by showcasing their skill and talent, thereby contributing back into their communities.

Kanzi, (pronounced kaan-zee), is a Swahili word meaning ‘a hidden treasure’, and that is exactly what I hope to bring; unique, hidden treasures from Africa, for you and your home.

I hope you enjoy your purchases and continue to follow my journey.