Ceramic Zebra Bowl


Origin: Uganda

A stunning, hand thrown decorative ceramic piece with a distinctive African design. This is a one-of-a-kind item that is perfect for your home or office.

Please note: Due to the handmade nature of this item, imperfections and variations within the design are normal and only add to it’s beauty and authenticity. 

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Go off on a safari to the plains of Africa with this beautiful ceramic Zebra bowl.

Hand thrown on a traditional pottery wheel, this piece is perfect as a statement piece in any room. Each stripe has been hand painted by the maker, making it a completely unique piece.

Due to their handmade nature, our ceramics may have small imperfections. We love these perfect imperfections as they show how much love has gone into making these pieces.

  • Hand made in Uganda
  • Material: organic clay
  • Handmade, each piece is a unique creation and no two are ever the same
  • Colours: black and white
  • Size: please refer to the product images for the dimensions of this item
  • Wipe clean with a soft, lint free cloth.
  • Not dishwasher safe.
  • Not microwave safe.
  • Do not wash with soap and water.
Our partner artisan in Uganda uses traditional methods to create his ceramics, hand throwing most of his work onto a potters wheel.
Using locally sourced clay, he supervises the entire process of preparing the clay, to make it ready to mould. Although the production process is very similar to other potters, our artisan has made a decision to only use organic raw materials for his pieces, and no chemicals. To achieve the unique finish for his products, he uses natural soils such as red soil, picked from anthills, to produce a beautiful orange/red colour. He also always uses black in his colour palate because, he says, ‘we are making African designs, and we apply the black colour to make our items completely unique’. The difference between these decorative ceramics, is that they are only burnished, not glazed.